There are legends

that come from the past

and there are legends

that come from the future.

The legend of the Shamanka's mountain

is from the future.

The future of every woman

who wishes to claim

her innate healing gifts

can include an adventure to the

cave of the ever-present wild one.

We don't have a name for what she is,

what she carries and passes on.

They didn't have a name for her in the past

and they still don't in the future.

She is something we have never understood,

not really. At times we sought to hide her.

Silence her. Remove her from culture.

Write her out of the history books.

Erase her out of the archives,

and change her names in the halls

of archeology with obscure labels.

Yet no matter what is done to

exclude her, she always shows up again.

And again and again

in the hearts of those

in the healing arts.

Because she is in the future,

she can never be removed,

or captured or silenced,

she is always just ahead

of where we are heading.

Maybe you have felt her messages

through you, as you, as something

felt and known in your womb gnosis.

She speaks the language of trees,

she walks with the creatures of the land,

she reveals herself time and time again

in every spiritual tradition,

where they said she wasn't.

But she was. Always was and is.

Oh yes, she was and is

and ever shall be.

She never leaves,

yet for cycles, we leave her.

Until the call is so great,

we cannot bear it anymore,

and we must say yes to her

summons to take up the mantle

of healing residing already within us.

Many of us who hear the call

have been hiding ourselves

in plain site.

We realize there is risk in saying yes

to what is ours to do - and then....

there is no turning back once you know.

We are already connected to her and

each other, we are called to this circle

at this time. We each are responsible

for weaving our own thread and

we are here to witness one another.

In every valley in every land

in every part of the world

in every culture

there is a version of the

Shamanka's Mountain

to be found.

Sometimes the road is washed out

sometimes there are so many legends

that keep us from finding the path.

They told stories to keep us away

but we know better.

The stories spoken

against her end with us.

A matriarchal

codex of innate potentials awaits

those of us who dare to make

the trip. And it is, a trip,

for all who desire to be the


that each of us was born

to be. Every single one of us.

Since the ancients had no name

and she didn't reveal just one,

they call her Shamanka, Molfar,

Seeress, Oracle, Muse, Yaga, Cura,

Whisperer, Medicine Woman.

She is known by many names.

What was she called

where you are from?

Do you know - can you look?

The woman at the edge of the universe

who is said to know the stories

of all time and place and could heal

what ails you in soul and body.

That one. Yes you know this.

Contrary to what has been told to us,

the gifts aren't just for the special ones,

the ones who had someone in their family

who knew the old ways and old stories.

This can be passed down through dna

but it doesn't have to be. Non-linear

transcendant healing arts belong to all.

We get to choose, a chosen lineage.

The medicine woman

in all of us is much more common

than we think. All of us are needed.

The time has come for each being

who is called, to say yes and share

her gifts, live her gifts, reveal her

own unique ways of seeing, of being,

of becoming.

There comes a time

when the future calls

so brightly, and yes, harshly too.

You are needed.

You have gifts to share.

Your art is essential.

Your time has come.

You want to weave the future.

What is the world

you want to create?

Come. Come. Come as you are.

Journey to claim your gifts.

No one needs to endow you with theirs,

yours are already encoded.

This is a revealing of what is present,

not the gathering of something

you do not already have.

She speaks to you in the stone,

in the moss, in the call of the bird,

in the ripple of the water, in the song

of the moving air, in the medicine of

plants, in the prism of color,

in the stirring in your bones,

and in the cries for help in the world.

And in your own cries for mending.

She is near now. Just beyond the now.

Can you hear her call?

Pause with me now....

slow way down and listen....



It isn't that she gives you her gifts,

or asks you to take someone elses,

rather that she uses her gifts

to show you yours which are

ever-new in every generation

uniquely tuned to each era.

When you step into your future,

your past is finally beneath you.

Not chasing you,

not dragging behind you,

that past is beneath your feet

as good solid ground.

When you finally arrive

after an often harrowing journey

you encounter your potentials.

Illuminated on the cave wall

is a luminous map of becoming....

sprinkled, sparkled and encoded

in a constellation of stories.

When you get there, it is best

to have carried an easel

on your back and a basket

of colors and brushes.

And don't forget the chocolate

as an offering.

Once we leave the cave it can

be hard to remember what we saw.

A challenge to keep seeing

what is revealed because it is only

through practicing it in the future

that the development of your agency

continues. Yes, healing with others.

The deep practice.

The new and ancient story of your

chosen lineage is here.

This is a time of devotional practice.

Yet it is a time to not journey alone.

Each of us

who is called is moving forth,

individually and collectively

towards the future we all desire.

Each woman must paint it

to believe it.

You will see.

To truly see,

we must learn to see the future

without having any idea

how to get there.

We just step out

and begin to weave in the unknown.

They have no name for who we are.

Perhaps we don't need one, but

perhaps we do.

You know who you are.

Feeling our collective pulse.

Clan Cura is gathering.

Shiloh Sophia

"We must weave the future, creating it as we go. We have been at the edge of history for too long now. We have always been here. "

Sue Hoya Sellars

"What is the world that you want?

What is the world that you ache for?

What is the world that you pray for?

What is the world you would put it all at stake for?

What is the world that you dream of?

What is the world that you speak of?

What if the world that you even dare to hope for?

What is the world that you need?

Won't you come up to the mountain with me?"

Amber Samaya

Sharing my why...